Take the Voyage with Me – Introduction to the Tale


For the handful of those who have followed my two other blogs, this will be a departure, to be sure. It is by no means the stabs in the dark at poetic catharses of my Optimystics and it is certainly not the (hopefully) educational slant of my entries on combatives over at The Punchline.  This is an experiment.

I self-published a novel, along with a dear friend, back in 2002. I learned a great deal from that project. I hope all of the best lessons will manifest themselves here in this new venture. The plan is for this work to be a sort of saga, an operatic exercise and a departure from the desk-chair and fluorescent lights of my day job. I like the universe I’ve created. I would like to share it with you. I hope you will like the universe and want to share it with someone else. I hope you will take this voyage with me, this voyage into the stars, into our morality, into our sense of adventure, and this tackling of not only a question of our alone-ness in the universe, but on how we might interact with other life should we discover it.

This is a hero’s tale, a hero’s journey. It is a look at what we might become should our morality continue to evolve (or devolve as the case might prove). It is a swashbuckler’s tale. It is humanity stretching its wings, exerting itself amongst the stars. It is a feat of bravery. I am personally terrified at the idea of putting myself out there, this piece of my inner self out there for all to rake through as they see fit. Take the voyage with me. Respond to me. Tell me what you like, what you don’t, what makes sense, and where I am way off the mark. Who knows? In my efforts to help us discover who we might become, we may discover who we are.

To the voyage!

Mark Liverio


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